A Case Study by Ghana Health Service: Developing a Common Cloud Platform to Manage Healthcare System in Ghana


Healthcare services integration with Cloud computing platform can bring more significant benefits economically and helps to increase the formation and effectively works in organizing integrated healthcare delivery systems. The second section reference data from different sources, takes a glance at cloud applications in healthcare from the perspective of government appointed officers, researchers and computer specialists. This work sorts to create a common cloud platform that can be used to manage Ghana’s healthcare delivery system. The application functions with innovative information technology driven services in healthcare systems that has the potential to enhance operational efficiency provide collaboration and improve patient outcomes. Available information states that healthcare services are dire in need of attention with respect to providing efficient, cost effective and timely delivery of healthcare services. It highlights different shades of opinion, experience, application development, use and integration of cloud technology into healthcare systems.

Introduction in Brief

The previous year alone has seen a surge of demand with regards to the capability of cloud computing with numerous players entering and set the ball rolling in healthcare services related applications crosswise over to cloud stages in the impending years. Contrasted with different commercial ventures, the healthcare services industry has essentially underutilized innovation to enhance operational proficiency. All over the world, changes in healthcare services set norms for transformation that it is the ideal time for Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) to be restructured and cloud computing is at the focal point of this change. The healthcare sector is moving in the direction of a data driven consideration conveyance model, empowered to some extent by open gauges that bolster participation, community oriented work processes and data sharing.

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